Sunday, July 19, 2009

21. Thai: Sukhothai Palace, Brighton

Sukhothai Palace
62 Middle Street
E. Sussex

Tel: 01273 748448

Lazing around Brighton on a rainy, sunny, windy early afternoon in the old Lanes in Brighton, we happened upon the Sukhothai Palace in Middle Street. We were actually going to visit the Ghengis Kahn Mongolian Barbecue, but they are not open at lunch time so we crossed to road- entice by the board offering a two course lunch menu for £4.95.

We were greeted with polite hospitality and quickly seated near the prettily decorated window. A quick peruse of the vast main menu found 103 selections- definitely something for everyone here. There are 10 and 11 item meat and vegetarian set menus for £17.95 a person, (minimum two people) six types of soup, 30 starters with a mixed platter for two for 10.95 to single portions of familiar and unfamiliar but intriguing dishes for £3.95 to £4.95, 20 different salads for between £6.00 and £7.00, stir fry dishes prices $4.50 to £5.50, curry and noodle dishes for £5.50 to £8.95, etc…etc…etc…! We settled for the lunch special menu. From the six starters and 15 assorted main dishes that come with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, tofu or for £1.00 extra- king prawns, we chose Tom Yam Chicken soup- a favourite of ours and sesame prawn toast (pictured right) and shared Phad Khing chicken with chicken with ginger, mushroom, spring onion and black bean sauce and Phrick Kra-Pow, king prawns with fresh chilli, garlic and Thai holy basil and the Pad Thai noodles with pork.

Our Tom Yam soup was very tasty: steaming, spicy, distinctively flavoured and with plenty of chicken. Badergerman and I, both suffering with hay fever, were very glad of its decongestant properties too. The Prawn toast, nice and crunchy came with a piquant and not-too-sweet dip that complimented it well. The Phad Khing chicken was spicy with just the right amount of ginger and black bean sauce and the Phrick Kra-Pow king prawns, I particularly liked, was hotter, (you can get dishes as hot as you like) very flavoursome and is pictured above. Both dishes were accompanied with light, perfectly cooked rice. The Phad Thai noodles with pork (pictured below) were just yummy- cooked just right,full of flavour and piggy Badgerman and I finished them all up. You’ll note that we had three lunch specials for two of us as we were particularly ravenous; on an ordinary day one each would have been plenty as the portions are good.

We did indulge in dessert; I had the ‘Green Bamboo’ ice-cream (pictured left) that was creamy toffee ice cream in a charming bamboo dish and Badgerman indulged in the Tartufo Classico a delicious cocoa covered dark chocolate ice cream ball with a creamy vanilla centre. These were very good and a cut above the usual bought-in ice cream dessert and left us so full that we skipped our dinner and just had some cheese and crackers later in the day.

We drank only Jasmine tea and water but the wine selection looked good with whites ranging form £11.90 for a Chilean Chardonnay to £21.95 for a French Chablis and reds from £11.95 to £22.95 and beers for £2.75 to £2.95. You can get a glass on the cheaper wines for £3.25.

Our bill, (really for three!) excluding tip, came to £24.05; excellent value we thought and were very pleased with our whole dining experience. Take away is also available. Have a look on the web site listed above for the menu.

Ambience: 4
Service: 4
Food presentation: 2
Food quality: 3.5
Value for money: 4

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