Thursday, October 30, 2008

6. Italy: Macari's Cafe and Restaurant

78 North Street,
West Sussex,
PO19 1LQ
01243 780365

Continuing Christmas shopping ‘til we dropped in Chichester, we found ourselves visiting Macari’s looking for a hot drink and a sit down. I went in to order our hot chocolates and was very pleased to witness the care with which these simple drinks were made. A liquid chocolate was mixed with warn milk and shot through with steam and topped with real whipped cream and a shower of chocolate powder. It was just delicious.

I realised from talking to the friendly gentleman behind the counter that this was a family owned business and so qualified for inclusion as a Sussex Ethnic Eat. I had a good look at the wares in the counters, on the menu and, most importantly, on peoples’ plates. There was a good range on offer. Here’s a sample: paninnis, toasties and baguettes with assorted fillings for £3.45, pastries from 80 pence to £1.45, Lasagne and salad for £3.65 Gateaux from £1.95 to £2.45 and of course, ice creams and sundaes priced from £1.20 to £3.50, depending on how indulgent you were feeling.

Macari’s was quite busy for a weekday mid-afternoon and with plenty of local competition, I’d take this to vouch for its popularity. We’ll sample the food next time we are in Chishester.

Two yummy, warming hot chocolates were £3.60.

Ambiance: 2
Service: 3
Presentation of Drinks: 3
Quality of Drinks: 4
Value for Money: 3

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