Saturday, November 1, 2008

7. India: Mother Bhumi

Mother Bhumi's
Cliffe High Street Precinct
East Sussex
First Saturday of the Month

Now Mother Bhumi's Pakora and Bhajia caravan does not strictly adhere to the Sussex Ethnic Eats criteria as it does not have a sit-in area, but hey- it's my blog so I can break my own rules! : )
I have included this tiny purveyor of delicious fare because I find their wares and ethos to be a delight. The ingredients are organic, serving platters are made from recycled paper pulp and what can be recycled is; they even accept the Lewes Pound.

I have seen (and smelt) this caravan of culinary delights in many a farmer's market and festival in Sussex, but mostly I look for them at the Lewes Farmers' Market, held on the first Saturday of each month. You'll find Mother Bhumi's by its enticing aroma and by looking for the long queue of salivating customers. They are in place for the early opening of the market and stay late into the afternoon, long after the other stalls have gone home.

On offer is a range of expertly cooked organic veg. such as: aubergine (eggplant), sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, spinach, kale, and of course onions that are made into Badgerman’s favourite bhajias. The batter is garam (chickpea) flour based so is very healthy and has a low glycaemic loading. The freshly made pakoras are crunchy on the outside with the batter a little cakey on the inside and the vegetables are always perfectly cooked. As the advertising says: "This is real food with love in it." Badgerman, Blim, Little Will and I have had hundreds of pakoras and bhajias over the years and every one has been good. We have enjoyed Mother Bhumi’s for breakfast, lunch and tea- not on the same day of course, but it shows how we love them. My children have been bribed to do many a household chore with the promise of a take-home bag (£3.00) from the ‘Pakora Lady’ on my return.

A large order with two dips is £5.00 and a small with one dip is £3.00. There are many dips to choose from; some are firey, some are mild and others are sweet.

Ambience: not applicable
Service: not applicable but the staff are always friendly
Food Presentation: 2
Food Quality: 4
Value for Money: 3

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